15th Aug 2013

Eliza Doolittle - Waste of Time (by ElizaDoolittleVEVO)

15th Aug 2013

I’m in an abusive relationship with salt and vinegar chips.

9th Aug 2013

The Tragedy of TOMS Shoes

Learning from this, if you’re gonna buy Toms shoes that’s fine. But know that you’re only really buying it for the look and the brand, because “trying to address the issue of poverty by purchasing a pair of buy-one-give-one shoes is rather like trying to heal a bullet wound by putting a bandaid on it.”
2nd Aug 2013

SXSWi 2014: We’re Moving to Detroit, and So Should You (by CampbellEwald)

2nd Aug 2013

Backyard Brunch Sessions presents Lucius - “Wildewoman” (by backyrdsessions)

27th Jul 2013

Why millennials are leaving the church


But here’s the thing: Having been advertised to our whole lives, we millennials have highly sensitive BS meters, and we’re not easily impressed with consumerism or performances.

In fact, I would argue that church-as-performance is just one more thing driving us away from the church, and evangelicalism in particular.

Many of us, myself included, are finding ourselves increasingly drawn to high church traditions Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, the Episcopal Church, etc. precisely because the ancient forms of liturgy seem so unpretentious, so unconcerned with being “cool,” and we find that refreshingly authentic.

What millennials really want from the church is not a change in style but a change in substance.

We want an end to the culture wars. We want a truce between science and faith. We want to be known for what we stand for, not what we are against.

We want to ask questions that don’t have predetermined answers.

We want churches that emphasize an allegiance to the kingdom of God over an allegiance to a single political party or a single nation.

We want our LGBT friends to feel truly welcome in our faith communities.

We want to be challenged to live lives of holiness, not only when it comes to sex, but also when it comes to living simply, caring for the poor and oppressed, pursuing reconciliation, engaging in creation care and becoming peacemakers.

You can’t hand us a latte and then go about business as usual and expect us to stick around. We’re not leaving the church because we don’t find the cool factor there; we’re leaving the church because we don’t find Jesus there.

Like every generation before ours and every generation after, deep down, we long for Jesus.


26th Jul 2013

Listen to this song while you look at this tumblr.
It’s how I feel when I look at all of these Super Rich Kids.

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15th Jul 2013

ERICA GOLDSON: Graduation speech

12th Jul 2013

New Striking Self Portraits by Kyle Thompson

Thompson continues to play with the elements—submerging himself in lakes and muddy puddles, exposing random limbs poking out from the earth, and setting himself on fire. His images have a beautiful sense of movement to them, especially in the recurring presentation of the fluidity of windswept fabric, which often complements his serene expression. Many of the photographer’s images alternate between presenting a visual interpretation of inhaling a breath of fresh air and being suffocated by some unnatural force. However, both of these approaches offer something surreally exquisite.

5th Jul 2013


3rd Jul 2013

Matt Corby - Brother (Acoustic Session) (by umstrum)

28th Jun 2013

Stromae - Papaoutai (by StromaeVEVO)

This makes me feel really sad and melancholy.  C’est dommage.

25th Jun 2013

DETROIT WOMEN. You. bettuh. werk.

A Girls Guide to Detroit (by 4exit4)

24th Jun 2013


Wow this dancing. I will be this fly one day.

24th Jun 2013

This song has been my jam. The bass line is amazing.

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